My friend, who is *not* economics savvy (any more than I am) has a goodly chunk (about 400K, wife’s money) in mutual funds. Obviously the total value is currently tanking, but the bigger worry is – can the fund itself go bankrupt and leave them in the lurch, beyond any FDIC insurance? Any [...]

My sis-in-law says investing in Mutual Funds or Investing in Stocks are the same thing. Can anyone tell me if this is true or give me a really simple explanation if it is not true? And if you’ve invested in Mutual Funds would you say you have invested in Stocks?

I have some money in different mutual funds (At least I had). Now it is already very late. should I leave them as they are, or should I sell them at this stage?
What would you do ?

Can someone give me a name of a loaded mutual fund, I can only find information about no load funds. I just need it for a project, I don’t intend on investing in one. When the Mutual Funds Begin to Buy Stocks? Buy my Stock Trading Strategy book or ebook…

I would like to know that how does mutual funds & their investment in share market exactly works in India. & which is the best mutual fund which can give me more returns on my investemnt nowdays in India.

Tom discussed Q1 2012 equity fund performance and trends. Equity Funds posted their best Q1 returns since Q1 1998, rising 11.97% for the quarter ended March …

Mutual Funds. What they are? Choosing the best ones? I’m looking for a 12% return. Anybody who has them or has experience with them want to give some good advice??

Have to write and essay and I need a list of stocks, bonds and/or mutual bonds that you think might increase in value in the next 40 years.

I am 25 and have $75,000 to invest. Are mutual funds the way to go or should I look at other investments. I intend to use this money for my retirement.

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