Municipal bonds are investments free from federal tax and are used to fund highway construction and schools. Discover benefits of investing in munies, like f…

first: i would like to know if i am legally allowed to buy stocks i am 16 years old
secondly: if yes then where and how can i buy stocks?
thirdly: any tips to buying stocks?
any additional info would be appreciated
reallycoolname mentions something about buy buying apple inc? how do i do this and where?

Which approach do you believe will lead to higher average returns and why?

want to learn how to set up stock portfolio & invest.

Where can I easily learn how to trade? Everything from using a small investment, of about $2,500 just to get started, and how much taxes you have to pay when you earn, what the broker fees are, and how to tell what company to invest in for a quick earn, rather than keeping it [...]

What percentage of my total investment money should I put aside for penny stocks (hypothetically, assuming I chose to get involved with penny stocks in the first place)
Also, what are the effects of penny stock on a trade portfolio?

Bain Capital: investment company helped start Staples, Clear Channel, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, etc. with a few failures but more success than failures.
Obama’s administration: $1.5 trillion with few jobs created and used public tax funded money for these, one major failure was Solyndra.
So what’s worse?
Gee Willy: And what was the Democrat bill that caused the [...]

I have about $10K extra in my savings that I would like to put somewhere that gets more than $6 interest a month. The thing is, $10K is too little to find something in real estate, aside from the market turning to crap unless you’re doing rentals, and I find stock markets to be [...]

Use Excel to Calculate Gain/Loss and Weighted Average of Stock Investments.

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